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What Makes a Smart Device, 'Smart'?

Smart Devices

We’ve all heard the term “smart device” but what does that even mean? Having worked in this industry for years, I never stopped to think about the fact that not everyone knows what a smart device is. That is until one of my first customers. He was a physically handicapped gentleman whose mobility was restricted to the use of a wheelchair. He lived in an apartment at the time and was wanting more autonomy at home. I was able to help him leverage smart technology to simplify a lot of the daily tasks that were challenging for him. Tasks such as, seeing who was at the door with his video doorbell, keeping an eye on what was happening outside with a camera, turning the lights on and off and controlling the A/C. As I walked through each device with him and showed him how to use them, I could see the light bulbs go off. Through controlling each of these devices with his smart display, he was surprised at the extent that he could leverage these devices to simplify and support his lifestyle and needs. So, what is it that makes a device “smart”?

Well to start, it is an electronic device that connects wirelessly to other devices, or networks usually through Wi-Fi capability. These devices are set up in a way where they can work interactively with one another, sharing information through the network that connects them. This network allows devices that are far away from one another to share information, giving you the ability to control your smart devices and access their data from anywhere, just by using the app on your phone. (Think turning off your lights or making sure your front door is locked when you’re at work.) As you upgrade different devices in your home to smart ones, you will be left with a smart home that maintains a fully synchronized environment of devices working together to maximize energy efficiency and cost savings – with you in control.

Smart devices also incorporate sensor technology into their functionality. Sensors help your smart devices detect problems, learn your household schedule and provide you with information to help you use your energy more wisely. Things like water leak detectors and learning thermostats can provide you with valuable information, through their apps to help you catch issues before they become a serious problem and adjust your heating and cooling schedules to maximize your household needs and save you money over time.

Smart technology is advancing quickly and can offer convenience and overall cost-savings to any household. Giving you the ultimate peace of mind, you really can’t go wrong with adding smart devices to your home! If you haven’t made the switch to smart home tech, we’d love to know why! Let us know in the comments below what might be holding you back! Or maybe you’re on the opposite end and can’t get enough smart home tech. What has been your favorite smart home device so far and why?

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