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Welcome to Local Intellitech: Where we leverage smart home technology to raise your home's IQ!

My name is James and I am the owner of Local Intellitech. We are a locally owned and operated smart home technology company where you can shop smart devices and setup installation appointments, all from the comfort of your home. This blog will focus on smart home technology, ranging from up and coming trends, to some of our favorite devices and answering some of our customers most asked questions!

Local Intellitech

About Local Intellitech

At Local Intellitech, everything we do is centered around you.

As our customer, we want you to enjoy the benefits of easy to use, smart home technology. From energy efficiency to cost savings, time organization to age in place support for seniors, we are committed to finding the right smart home technology to help automate and simplify your life!

Smart home technology changes quickly, which means more benefits for our customers at more affordable rates. When you contact us, you can expect an individualized approach, always talking to a person at the other end of the line. We’ll listen carefully as you describe your smart home automation needs, find a time to come out that’s convenient for you and arrive on time for your installation service. We’ll work on your smart home installation until you’re satisfied with the job we’ve done. You’ll know everything that’s going on in your home, because we’ll update you regularly and won’t move on to the next step until you’re comfortable with the process. If you need to know how to use or troubleshoot anything we install, we won’t leave until you feel confident running, maintaining and using your new smart home device.

We are experts in Smart Home technology. Throughout our years in this industry, we have learned how to troubleshoot complex technology and connectivity issues and we also learned how to update and adapt our skills to the latest technology. When dealing with security features, like video doorbells, we understand the importance of trusting the company and employees that will be working in your home. We take this responsibility seriously and only send out the best!

Our goal is to give you the best experience you’ve ever had with a smart home installation company. We promise to bring not only our expertise, but also our integrity to every aspect of every job. We’ll always offer upfront pricing, so you know exactly what you’re getting into before you agree to work with us. There aren’t any hidden costs or fees when you’re working with us, so your bill will be exactly what you expect it to be.

Call us today if you need help with your smart home devices or installation. We’ll get to you right away, find out which technology will best meet your needs and get your installation and home automation set up in no time!

Helping you leverage smart home technology!

Here at Local Intellitech, our goal is to help you leverage smart home technology to raise your home's IQ. Whether you need support keeping your busy on-the-go lifestyle organized, or you're looking for a way to live in a more energy efficient way, we know we can help you reach your smart home goals! Check in every Tuesday and Thursday to see what new topics we'll be covering each week!

Do you have questions about smart home technology or devices and how you can use them in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

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