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Top Apple Homekit Devices

Well if you're reading this post, it means you are one of two people, you love Apple and the iOS and all of your devices are Apple devices, or you hate Apple products and the iOS and none of your devices are Apple devices (except maybe your iPhone). Not to stir up any controversy, but this final blog post will be wrapping up our discussion on the different brands of Smart Home Technology Assistants and devices and how you can leverage them to raise your home's IQ and make managing and automating your smart home a simple and stress free experience.

Apple HomePod Mini

This smart speaker packs a lot of sound, features and functionality into its small size. This smaller, more affordable smart speaker offers great sound and has Siri as your Homekit controller, allowing you to leverage voice control of your devices, as you would with other smart speakers, making it your go to Apple Homekit hub. You can also pair these mini speakers throughout your house, connecting them to create a stereo system throughout, also allowing you to use them as an intercom to reach people in different areas of your home. Finally, you can connect your Apple TV to your HomePod Mini, making it act as a stereo output for your audio pleasure, and with the price point, there's no reason you can't add a few of these compact speakers to your home!

Shop the Apple HomePod Mini Here:

Apple TV 4K

The newest generation of the Apple TV offers faster processing and a revamped Siri remote. Noted as one of the best streaming devices, the Apple TV can also act as a smart home hub, having Siri built right in, allowing you to control your smart home devices using the remote. The Apple TV also integrate well with iPhone, making it a convenient choice for anyone who is invested in Apple products. Access to 4K HDR content, isn't the only thing you'll be enjoying if you choose to invest in this device!

Shop the Apple TV 4K Here:

How to pick the best smart devices and smart home systems for you?

Now that we've gotten to the end of this series, we'd like you to keep a few things in mind when deciding on which Smart Home System you would like to use in your home:

  • Compatibility: Are the smart devices you want to purchase, compatible with the smart home system you want to use?

  • Design: Are the products you are considering in line with your current home set up and aesthetic? Do the dimensions of the product fit in the space you're planning on putting it in?

  • Price: Try to balance quality with price and stick to the brands that are well-known and highly rated with a lot of reviews. Buying a cheap knock off will only lead to more spending, as the cheaper version breaks or fails to work correctly.

  • Functionality: What are the features you are looking for from your smart devices and smart home system? Keep your daily routines and normal life in mind when making these decisions. Do you travel a lot? Spend a lot of time working from home? Or are you out and about, keeping busy with no time to waste? These are all important things to consider when deciding which devices and systems would best suit your lifestyle and help simplify your day-to-day.

  • Contact Us: And finally, don't be afraid to reach out. Whether you're giving us a call, sending a text, or shooting us an email, we would love to hear from you and help you select, install and set up the best devices for you and your home automation needs.

So which camp do you fall under, and why? Are you team Apple, or team anything else? Let us know in the comments below which smart home technology assistant you would install in your home! Tune in next week, where we'll talk about smart hubs, what they do and whether or not they are really worth it?

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