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How to Mount your TV to a Regular Wall

Updated: Feb 6

Let's mount your TV to your drywall!

In this post, I review the different TV Mounts you can use on regular drywall, discussing their features, and pros & cons, so you can easily decide which one is best for you!

By the end of this article, you should have a clear idea of the features and functionalities of each of these TV mounts, helping you decide which one will work best for your TV!

Things you May Need

  • TV Fireplace Mount (See options listed above!).

  • Drill - A regular drill will work fine, just make sure you have the proper drill bit.

  • Anchors.

  • Stud Finder - this will make finding your studs a lot easier, removing the guess work and making sure your TV mount is anchored to your brick wall properly.

  • Level - to ensure your TV is not mounted on an angle!

  • Measuring Tape.

  • PPE (Protective Personal Equipment) - Things like safety glasses so you do not get debris in your eyes, and work gloves to keep your fingers safe from cuts.

  • Clean Up - drilling into drywall will get messy! Make sure you have cleaning supplies handy, such as a vacuum cleaner, duster and wet cloth for when you are done mounting your TV.

What to consider when mounting a TV to your drywall.

When mounting your TV onto your drywall, it's important to keep in mind that this will take a little bit of planning. Make sure to use a sturdy mount, and plan where you want your TV mounted before drilling holes into your walls. You'll want a spot that has easy access to a power source, and you may consider installing a shelving unit underneath in order to hold decor and additional equipment. You will also want to consider how you will keep your cords hidden, behind the TV, keeping it out of the direct flow of traffic to avoid damage. You should also avoid mounting your TV too high, as it could fall and be damaged. With a little bit of planning and care, you can safely and securely mount your TV onto your drywall, using the studs.

How to Mount your TV to your drywall.

Step 1

You'll need to purchase a TV mount. These mounts can be found at most electronics stores, or online. Checkout our recommendations on our Amazon store.

Step 2

Once you have your TV mount, along with all of the necessary materials, you can begin the mounting process. You'll need to find the studs in your wall and mark them. If you're not sure how to do this, I recommend using a stud finder. This removes any uncertainty from your work and ensures your mount is anchored properly to the wall. Mark your holes based on your TV mount and use a level to make sure your marks are level.

Step 3

You'll then need to drill holes into the stud in your drywall where you marked them for the mounting bracket.

Step 4

Assemble your TV wall mount kit according to the instructions provided. Once complete, you can mount the brackets to your TV.

Step 5

Finally, you will need to secure the TV with brackets to the wall mount. Be sure to use all the proper safety measures when mounting your TV to avoid injury to yourself, or damage to your TV, mount, or fireplace.

Tips and Tricks

  • If you're having trouble finding the studs in your wall, try using a stud finder.

  • Plan out where you want your TV, before drilling into the studs in your drywall. You don't want to drill unnecessary holes in your drywall.

  • Make sure the mounting bracket is secure before attaching your TV. Otherwise, it could fall and break.

Let's jump in.

So, what are my 3 top choices for TV mounts for drywall in 2022?

1. Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount MD2377

Best for Small TVs

This TV wall mount is a little different from the other ones we've listed. It is compatible with smaller TVs which allows it to use a single wood stud design. This makes it the perfect option for a center stud mount, or corner mount. This bracket 26-55 inch Plasma TVs, with a load bearing weight of up to 60 lbs.

The extension on this unit ranges from 3" when flush to the wall, up to 17" when extended, making it a great option for smaller spaces. It maintains a good range of motion for optimal viewing, with a 90 degree horizontal swivel, +5 degree and +15 degree tilt to get rid of screen glare and the standard +/-3 degree tilt for easy levelling after installation.

While this single stud mounting option is different from the other Mounting Dream units we have recommended here, this TV Mount is highly rated (5 stars on over 42,000 reviews), is very affordable, and is a great option for small spaces where you want your TV to have a small profile.

  • Very Affordable.

  • Highly rated

  • Great for small TVs and small spaces.

  • Low weight bearing capacity.



Get the Mounting Dream UL TV Wall Mount today and get your TV mounted!

2. Tilt TV Wall Mount

Best in Affordability

This Universal Motion TV Mount has a bracket that fits most 37 - 70 inch TVs, with a maximum load weight of 132 lbs. With stud spacing from 16, 18 and 24 inches, you can easily center this TV on your brick wall for optimal viewing. The 1.5" profile means your TV can rest close to your wall, remaining discrete and keeping your cords hidden and tidy.

There is no extension on this mount, however it does offer a -8 degree tilt function for anti-glaring. Don't let the affordability of this TV mount throw you off, with more than 88,000 reviews, this mount is still rated at 4.7 stars on Amazon and while it normally costs $49.99, you currently get a 40% discount, so you can get this already affordable wall mount for only $29.99!

While this lacks some of the functionality of the Full Motion Tilt option listed below, this TV Mount is highly rated, very affordable and great for small spaces where you want your TV to have a small profile.

  • Very Affordable.

  • Discrete -1.5" Profile from the wall.

  • Easy Installation.

  • Lacks a full range of motion.

  • No level adjustment once mounted.



Get the Mounting Dream Universal Tilt TV Wall Mount today and get your TV mounted!

3. Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Best Full Motion

This Full Motion TV Mount has a bracket that fits most 42 - 90 inch TVs, with a maximum load weight of 132 lbs. With a 24 inch long wall plate and 6 articulating arms, you know that this wall mount is built to last.

The extension on this mount ranges from 2.75" from your wall, up to 18.5", giving it an awesome range of motion. Combine with its tilt function of +5 degrees up, or -15 degrees down, not only can you watch your TV from anywhere, but you can avoid any incoming glare as well. This mount also offers a 45 degree horizontal swivel in either direction, and can rotate +/- 3 degrees to help you level it (in case you forgot to use your level during installation.)

This TV Mount will add to your space, letting you maximize the comfort of your viewing space. Whether you're in the kitchen making dinner, or lounging on the couch, this TV mount will swivel, tilt and extend to perfection - keeping your TV securely mounted - so you can enjoy the best angle, wherever you are.

  • Sturdy Construction - Uses articulating arms.

  • Full Motion Range + Anti-Glare Tilt.

  • Good Weight Capacity.

  • Good Range of TV Size Capabilities.

  • More Expensive.

  • Less discrete than a flat wall mount.



Get the Full Motion TV Mount today and enjoy watching your TV from anywhere in your room!

Already have a TV Mount, but needing help with installation and setup? Reach out to one of our smart home techs today, so we can help get your smart devices up and running without the hassle!

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Knowing which TV mounts are best for the different surfaces you find throughout your home, whether that be brick, stone, or drywall, is so important. From wanting to install your TV on a wall in your bedroom, above your fireplace in your living room, or outback on your patio, which TV mount you choose to use will make all the difference in your viewing experience.

You always want to be careful to make sure your TV is mounted properly to your wall. Choosing the right mount will help ensure that happens securely and safely, so that you never have to worry about whether or not your TV will stay mounted to your wall.

Disclosure: I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. This site is not intending to provide financial advice. This is for entertainment only.

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