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Futuristic Kitchens: How Smart Home Tech is Revolutionizing your Home

There is a lot of cool tech out there, especially when it comes to incorporating smart devices into your home. Here at Local Intellitech, we love leveraging technology to keep our homes running smoothly and seamlessly throughout the day. Today we’re going to shine a light on some of the up-and-coming technology trends we’re seeing when it comes to your kitchen space. Check out some of these futuristic devices below and let us know which one you would add to your kitchen today!

Futuristic Kitchens

There is a big focus on automation and integration, using technology in the kitchen to simplify tasks and make meal prep and cleaning more convenient and informed. Think integrated coffee makers, and wirelessly connected appliances, along with incorporating AI and offering customizable settings to fit families’ needs.

Futuristic Kitchen Devices:

Countertop Projector

This interactive device attaches to the underside of your kitchen cabinets, saving you precious counter space. Allowing you to control other appliances, scan the thickness of food, get tips on how long to cook items and even project patterns onto food to make decorating a breeze, this device will quickly become one of your favorites. This must have device will be seen in new home builds, due to it's stellar functionality and space savings.

Countertop projector

Digital Backsplash

Offering a wall-to-wall touchscreen display, this type of back splash allows homeowners to watch TV, look up recipes and control their appliances from every corner of their kitchen. Plus, these digital back splashes can display family photos or artwork when not in use to match individual consumers’ aesthetics. This is like a smart display, but bigger, stretching along the length of your back splash, making it an impressive upgrade from your kitchen’s current smart display. Who doesn't love the futuristic, techy look this back splash brings to your kitchen space!

Digital backsplash

Smart Oven Hood

Incorporating smart technology into every device, your oven hood is no different. Instead of just helping to circulate air and reduce odors, oven hoods will soon take on a lot more responsibility. These will include digital screens and built-in cameras to live-stream your cooking skills with ease. Calling all food bloggers and vloggers!

Smart Oven Hood

Smart Water Faucets

I have to be honest, this one excites me. Upgrading your faucet to a smart one, will quickly change how your kitchen operates. A seemingly simple swap, these faucets make your kitchen and cooking process much more hygienic. It has a sensor beneath it to recognize when a dish is ready to be rinsed and even remembers the previous set temperature, so you don't have to wait for the hot water to turn on again. It also responds to voice commands, so you can ask for exact amounts in your pots, or measuring cups as needed. Acting as its own water sensor, this faucet will also alert you to any unusual water usage, keeping your kitchen safe from water damage, quickly becoming a must have in your home!

Smart Water Faucets

Smart Trash and Recycling Bins

This swap might seem boring, but it provides so much functionality. These bins not only help reduce odors but can also scan the items you throw away. Trash bin attachments will scan your products and add them to a list on your phone, building your shopping list on the go. Recycling bins will soon be able to scan and sort your items into the appropriate category for proper disposal, making your kitchen greener and keeping your sorting simple and organized in the process.

Smart Track and Recycling Bins

Smart Fridge

Smart fridges feature screens to take notes, create grocery lists and keep track of upcoming events. They also have cameras inside to check on your inventory from the store and a smart assistant who can help you with ingredient swaps or measurement conversions.

Smart Fridge

While these all seem like cool futuristic swaps for everyday devices in your kitchen, we haven't even touched on some of the "R2D2" inspired helpers and installed robot arms to help with dinner prep and putting dishes away. We will be discussing robotic additions to your kitchen in a future post. We are starting to push the boundaries of what a “Smart Home” and “Smart Device” really mean. What smart device would you add to your kitchen? Let us know in the comments below!

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