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Choosing Between Rachio and Orbit B-Hyve for Automated Watering Systems

Are you in the market for an automated watering system? Two popular options are Rachio and Orbit B-Hyve. Both offer benefits like weather forecast data and aesthetic appeal, but it's important to compare their key features before making a choice.

Compare Rachio vs Orbit B-Hyve's Water Flow Detection Capabilities.

One of the most important features to compare is water flow detection. Rachio's advanced water metering system accurately calculates and monitors water usage, while Orbit B-Hyve's Flow Meter and Smart Watering System detects when a hose or bib is opened and closed, helping to avoid costly damages from accidental watering. Both these automated watering systems are designed to help you save energy, money, and water - but their ability to detect flow can make all the difference for users looking for optimal efficiency.

Look At the Scheduling Options for Each System.

Scheduling options factor heavily into selecting an automated watering system. Rachio's Smart Sprinkler controller allows for 8 independent scheduling zones, with customizable run times and daily, odd/even, or interval days options. The Orbit B-Hyve on the other hand offers up to 12 schedules that can be tailored with either automatic Adaptive or Fixed scheduling depending on what your garden needs are. With both systems you’ll have plenty of customizable options - so be sure to consider them when making your ultimate decision.

Examine Features Such as Weather Intelligence, Remote Access and Manual Mode Control

It’s also important to consider other features the two systems have to offer. Rachio stands out for its unique Weather Intelligence feature that uses local, Remote Access and Manual Mode Control weather data to adjust your watering schedule so you're never over- or under-watering your lawn. In addition, Orbit B-Hyve offers multi-purpose functionality from easy design of custom watering schedules to manual mode control via their app. Consider what other features are included in each system when deciding which one fits your needs best.

Assess Installation Requirements and Costs (Including Professional Installers)

Before making your decision, be sure to assess installation requirements and associated costs for each of these brands. Both Rachio and Orbit B-Hyve offer DIY friendly installation for homeowners who are comfortable with installing sprinkler systems. However, if you don’t feel comfortable with the process or need help with wiring and connecting smart devices, consider hiring a professional like us to install one of these automated watering systems.

Consider Warranty, Service Plans, and Support Availability.

Many smart sprinkler systems come with some sort of warranty that covers any mechanical or electronic issues. It is important to research how long the warranty lasts, what type of support is offered, and if there are any service plans available to extend the length of coverage. Both Rachio and Orbit B-Hyve offer customer support options such as email and phone, so be sure to compare these features on their respective websites before making a purchase decision.

Which is for You?

We hope this article has helped you learn more about Rachio's Smart Sprinkler Controller and B-Hyve's Smart Sprinkler Controller. Which device will you use for your home? If you need help deciding, feel free to reach out to us. Our experts will help you choose the best Smart Sprinkler Controller for your yard.

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