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7 Types of smart home devices and what they do

In today's blog post, we wanted to steer away from some of the tried and true smart devices that are out there (you know our favorites by now). Instead we wanted to look at some of the more unique, up and coming options that we think are super useful to start including in your smart home system. In highlighting some of the more unique options when it comes to smart devices in your home, we hope to inspire you to add something new to your home and get creative in upping your smart home's IQ.

1. Water Sensors

Specifically, the Govee WiFi Water Sensor 3 Pack. This water sensor gives you the ultimate peace of mind when dealing with potential leaks and drips in your home. Connecting through WiFi, your water sensors will alert you through app notifications and alerts, along with emails if anything is detected. This means you can know your home is safe from water damage, whether you're at home, or travelling. You have the option of connecting more sensors, so you can continue to add these throughout your home, starting with targeting specific areas of concern, and adding locations from there. Get peace of mind and detect any leaks or drips immediately, reducing your water bill and keeping your home safe from water damage!

2. Smart Sprinkler System

The Rachio 3 (8 zone) Smart Sprinkler is currently the highest rated Wi-Fi Sprinkler Controller on the market. This controller will help support your lawn health all season long. Whether you're setting schedules, or inputting plant type details, this controller will make sure your plants get the water they need, when they need it. The Weather Intelligence Plus system will automatically adjust your irrigation schedule based on the forecast for your area, making sure you're never caught watering your lawn when its raining or snowing, saving you money. Connecting with many smart home systems, you can easily control your sprinklers from the app on your phone, giving you the ultimate control in your sprinkler settings. Rest easy knowing your lawn is getting the best care, even when you're not there!

3. Smart Pill Dispenser

Now hear me out on this one. LiveFine Smart WiFi Automatic Pill Dispenser is an automatic pill dispenser that helps you remember what pills to take when. Often when people think of pill dispensers, they think of seniors and for a long time I was right there with you, until my wife purchased one and started using it to remind her to take her supplements everyday. She quickly had me do the same thing and I find it so easy and convenient to help me stay on top of my daily supplement needs and to find all of my pills in one place. This is an easy to set up and use system, that lets you set up to 9 dosage times per day so you can stay on schedule. With up to a 28 day capacity, you can plan out your supplements for about a month, keeping you on track for optimizing your health. It also features features visual and audible alarms, offering convenience and simplicity.

4. Smart Air Quality Monitor

The Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor comes in at less than $100 and is a great addition to any home, especially those with air quality concerns, or for individuals with allergies. Those summer wild fires seem to be an annual event and having something like this in your home to tell you how the air quality is in your space can be very useful. Tracking the following 5 key factors: Particulate Matter, Volatile Organic Compounds, Carbon Monoxide, Humidity and Temperature, this device will notify you of poor air quality, either through the app on your phone, or through announcements from your Echo devices. Another cool feature is that when paired with other Alexa enabled devices, such as are purifiers or humidifiers, changed in the indoor air quality can turn these devices on and off according to your environment's needs.

5. Smart Humidifiers

This Smart WiFi Wireless Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier would pair well with Amazon's Air Quality Monitor above. This humidifier features an ultrasonic vaporizer, atomizing water and oil molecules into the air, rather than using the traditional heat method, that can damage essential oils. With a large water tank that offers up to 12 hours of continuous mist and LED lights that can adjust in brightness and color, there isn't a lot on the market that is better. You can use this humidifier traditionally, or via the app on your phone. Similarly to many smart devices you also have the option of voice control with Amazon Alexa, and setting schedules, making this a convenient option. Enjoy coming home from work to a beautifully scented and humidified space, to keep you relaxed throughout your evening.

6. Smart Safety

The Nest Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector is one of the best devices you can add to your smart home. This Nest Protect product is a smoke and carbon monoxide detector in one, speaking up if there is smoke or CO in your home, and letting you know where its coming from, so you can quickly deal with the situation. It will also send alerts directly to your phone, so you know what's going on at-home, no matter where you are. Because carbon monoxide is odorless, invisible and deadly, having a CO detector in your home is so important. Offering a new level of at home safety, the Split-Spectrum Sensor uses two wavelengths of light to look for both fast and slow burning fires. In an emergency every second counts, and this detector will let you know where the fire is happening, as soon as it starts, keeping you and your loved ones safe.

7. Smart Home Control

This Brilliant Smart Home Control | 2 Switch Panel is an in-wall touchscreen control system that helps control your lights, music, video doorbell and more. With Alexa built in and being compatible with a variety of smart home device systems, such as Ring, Hue, Google Nest, Apple HomeKit, and Wemo, this is an excellent option for anyone wanting smart home control without talking to a smart speaker, or having a smart display taking up counter space. While this device does offer voice control functionality, it acts as an in-wall display that allows you to schedule, time and control your smart home devices without the clutter and space loss.

And there you have it. Seven smart devices you can easily add to your space to improve your quality and ease of living today. Which one of these would you add to your smart home? Let us know in the comments below and up your home's IQ today!

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