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5 Best Smart Devices for Summer 2022

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

As we head into summer 2022, it is important to know how to set up your house, so that you and your family are ready for the heat!

While there are many different devices that are available on the market to help beat the summer heat, this list is made up of 7 of the most popular options.

Each product offers a wide range of features and allow you to maintain your sanity in the summer heat.

But which option is best for you and your home?

To help you decide, I've put together a comprehensive list of the 7 best smart devices for summer 2022.

In this post, I'll be reviewing the 7 best smart devices to add to your home this summer, the features of each, and their pros and cons.

By the end of this article, you should have a good idea of which product is the right choice for your personal and household's needs.

Let's get right into it.

So, what are the 5 best smart devices for summer?

1. Govee Smart Outdoor String Lights

Best Overall for Backyard Parties

One of the reasons we recommend these Govee Outdoor String Lights, is their overall functionality and durability. With each 48 foot string you get 15 dimmable, multi-color LED bulbs, that you can control with your voice, or your phone.

While you can fully modify and customize your lighting scenes according to your preferences, this option also comes with a selection of 40 preset scene modes that you can choose from and also accommodate Music Sync mode, making it a great addition to any backyard parties.

These string lights are waterproof, shatterproof, windproof and snow-proof, so they will work in your backyard space, no matter where you live. These string lights will liven up any backyard space, creating a fun atmosphere to illuminate your space, in beautiful multi-colored variations, or just by sticking with classic white.

  • Music Sync - your lights can easily sync with your music to create a fun atmosphere.

  • 8 Scene Modes - using the Govee Home app, you get instant access to 8 amazing scene modes, all great for outdoor occasions.

  • DIY Mode - Create your own, unique light effects with the app, selecting the colors your want for each bulb, bringing your personalized lighting scenes to life.

  • Dual Control Options - You can connect with these string lights either through Bluetooth, or the app, giving you control over your string lights. From adjusting brightness to turning your lights on and off, you decide how you control your string lights.

  • Energy Efficient - These bulbs use 90% less energy.

  • Could use more bulbs per string

  • You'll need to purchase multiple strings


$59.49/String of lights.

Add Govee String Lights to your backyard parties today!

2. Philips Hue Lily LED Outdoor Spot Light Base Kit - 3 Pack - White & Color Ambience

Best for Holidays and Special Events

This Philips Hue Base Kit includes three color changing smart LED spotlights that you can either mount on stakes, or attach to walls outdoors. These lights are completely weatherproof, withstanding the elements, so you can use them beyond the summer months, including creating Halloween landscapes, or Christmas colors, helping you set the tone for every season and special occasion.

These LED lights are dimmable and each one can be set to a different color, or left white, depending on the look you are going for. Offering similar functionality to the Govee option above, this kit includes pre-set lighting scenes, while also giving you the option to set your own from scratch options.

From voice control to app control, these lights are fully customizable and give you the ultimate control in setting the atmosphere of your outdoor space. Syncing with multiple voice command options and letting you set timers and specific settings, these lights are well worth the price tag.

  • Works with a lot of third party integrations.

  • A sleek and sturdy construction that is designed that withstands the elements.

  • LED light bulbs that save energy and last a long time (up to 25,000 hours)

  • Each power supply can support up to five lights.

  • Works with multiple voice control platforms, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Homekit.

  • Expensive.

  • Requires Hue Bridge.

  • The lights themselves could be brighter.


$349.99/ Base kit.

Add the Philips Hue LED Outdoor Spot Light Base Kit to your backyard celebrations today!

3. Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller

Best for Cost Savings

The Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller is our must have money saving tech for summer 2022. Using a weather based watering system that they call the, "Premium Weather Intelligence Plus" technology this sprinkler will know when it should and shouldn't water your lawn, based on the weather in your area. Measuring 5.5 x 9.1 x 1.4 inches (13.97 x 23.1 x 3.6 cm) this controller is compact enough to fit almost anywhere you need it to.

With a round button on the face of it that allows you to manually start and stop watering specific zones, this generation also features a LED light that tells you which zone is being waters and will flash when there is a system or connectivity error.

Connecting via dual band Wi-Fi this device can be controlled using a mobile app, allowing you to monitor the watering settings based on local weather data. You can adjust these setting manually as needed, create your zones and adjust settings and schedules to better suit your preferences and irrigation needs. It will also tell you when each zone was last watered and when you can expect it to be watered again. Through combining information from your yard with local weather forecasts to create a specific plan to suit your irrigation needs, it's no wonder this is one of the most highly rated sprinkler controllers in the industry!

  • Good wireless connectivity, now supporting 5GHz Wi-Fi networks.

  • Smart water management, using Water Intelligence features to improve conservation.

  • Weather based watering.

  • Integrates with a variety of smart home platforms.

  • Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice controls.

  • Expensive.


$189.999/ 8 Zone or $239.99/ 16 Zone.

Add the Rachio Sprinkler Controller today and save money on your next water bill!

4. Amazon Smart Air Quality Monitor

Best for Air Quality and Well-being

The unfortunate reality of summertime in 2022 includes the realities of dealing with forest fires. One of the downsides of this is worrying about the air quality in our homes and how it is affecting our loved ones. Although not perfect, this air quality monitor offers the peace of mind in knowing how the air quality is in your house and gives you tips on steps you can take to improve it.

This monitor is small, measuring only 1.8 x 2.6 x 2.6 inches (4.6 x 6.6 x 6.6 cm) making it compact enough to be placed throughout your house. The light on the front of the device indicates the current air quality in your house, so that you can make adjustments as needed.

Overall while the software and functionality may be limited on this device, we appreciate how easily it alerts you to pollutants in your air and home and offers recommendations on how to improve the air quality of your home. We would recommend pairing this with an air purifier and putting one monitor in each of the main areas of your home.

  • Measures temperature, relative humidity, carbon monoxide levels, VOCs and PM2.5.

  • Inexpensive.

  • Alerts you to poor air quality.

  • Has an indicator light to show current air quality.

  • Can offer regular air quality measurement graphs.

  • App explains indoor air pollutants and offers tips to help reduce them.

  • Does not purify the air.

  • Amazon recommends having one in each room, which would make it expensive to monitor household air quality.



Add Amazon's Smart Air Monitor to your home today!

5. Philips Hue Calla Add-On Smart Outdoor Pathway Light - Multi-Color

Best Outdoor Pathway Light

We know we've included a lot of outdoor lighting options in this post, but we've done it for a reason. Those late night gatherings, backyard barbecues and block parties, just wouldn't be the same without some epic lighting in your yard. That applies to your front and back walk ways. These lights from Philips Hue are great at setting the tone, whether people are walking up to your door, or throughout your yard.

This light is made of a black aluminum, with an 8 watt LED light bulb on top, giving off 600 lumens of light. Measuring 9.9 high x 4.1 inches in diameter (25.146 x 10.41 cm), this light can be integrated with other Philips Hue bulbs, both indoors and out, making it a great addition your space, especially if you already have other Philips products installed.

This light can either rest on a flat surface, or be mounted to the included stake and put in the ground. Similarly to the Philips Spot Light, you can choose from preset lighting scenes, or create your own according to your preferences. Leverage voice control, or go into the app. And don't forget to set those schedules and timers so you never have to worry about leaving the lights on!

  • Can choose from multi-colored or white light options.

  • Durable construction making it weather proof.

  • Integrates well with other smart home systems.

  • All cables, wires and connectors can be buried up to 6 inches (15.24 cm) deep.

  • Very expensive.

  • Has a limited wireless range.

  • Not very illuminating, it is more of an atmosphere lighting, than to clearly light up the pathway.

  • You will need to purchase a Philips Hue Bridge.



Add the Philips Hue Smart Outdoor Pathway Light to your pathway today!


When it comes to finding the best smart devices for summer 2022, it all comes down to your needs.

These 5 devices focused on some of the different aspects of summer and your needs will vary depending on where you live. If you're somewhere that experiences a lot of smoke due to wild fires, you'll probably opt for the air quality monitor. Or maybe you're looking to keep your lawn green all season long, but don't want to spend too much on your water bill, then you'll probably go for the sprinkler controller.

All of these options will add to your households' summer experience this year, whether that's hosting backyard gatherings, or keeping your yard looking good.

Which smart device are you going to add to your household's arsenal this summer and why?

Let me know in the comments below.

Already have the device but needing help with installation and setup? Reach out to one of our smart home techs today, so we can help get your smart devices up and running without the hassle!

Further reading on Have you ever wondered what smart outdoor lighting syncs best with Amazon Alexa?

By planning out your smart home system and what products you want to incorporate from the start, you can get a highly-functional, well-integrated smart home automation system that makes your life easier.

This will allow you to access voice commands, set schedules and save energy.

Knowing what smart home system you want to operate in your home and leverage to manage your smart devices is so important to keeping things running smoothly and hassle-free.

Disclosure: I may receive affiliate compensation for some of the links below at no cost to you if you decide to purchase a paid plan. This site is not intending to provide financial advice. This is for entertainment only.

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