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3 Best TV Mounts for Outdoors (Ranked & Reviewed)

Updated: Feb 6

Summer is here and we are all about those backyard parties. From barbecues to a family get together, there is always a great reason to host a gathering in your space and having a TV mounted outdoors is a great way to entertain your guests.

Whether you're playing music, or outside watching a show with your loved ones - this is a great summer feature that will spruce up any patio space.

As with all TV mounting, we want to make sure this is done properly and with the right TV mounts. Nothing is worse than losing a TV to gravity after being poorly installed, so make sure you check out our recommended TV mounts for outdoors and get your patio ready for those awesome backyard parties!

In this post, I review the 3 best TV mounts that I would recommend for your outdoor space; Discussing their features, and pros & cons, so you can easily decide which one is best for you!

By the end of this article, you should have a clear idea of the features and functionalities of each TV mount, helping you decide which one will work best for your backyard space!

Here we go.

So, what are my 3 top choices for outdoor TV mounts?

The following are the 3 best outdoor TV mounts to consider.


1. Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount MD2377

Best for Small TVs

This TV wall mount is a little different from the other ones we've listed. It is compatible with smaller TVs which allows it to use a single wood stud design. This makes it the perfect option for a center stud mount, or corner mount. This bracket supports 26-55 inch TVs, with a load bearing weight of up to 60 lbs.

The extension on this unit ranges from 3.1" when flush to the wall, up to 17.1" when extended, making it a great option for smaller spaces. It maintains a good range of motion for optimal viewing, with a 90 degree horizontal swivel, +5 degree and -15 degree tilt to get rid of screen glare and the standard +/-3 degree tilt for easy levelling after installation.

While this single stud mounting option is different from the other Mounting Dream units we have recommended here, this TV Mount is highly rated (5 stars on over 44,000 reviews), is very affordable, and is a great option for small spaces where you want your TV to have a small profile.

  • Very Affordable.

  • Highly rated

  • Great for small TVs and small spaces.

  • Low weight bearing capacity.

Get the Mounting Dream MD2377 Full Motion, 1 stud Wall Mount today and get your TV mounted!


2. Mounting Dream Long Arm TV Wall Mount

Best Extension

This Full Motion TV Mount has a bracket that fits most 42 - 90 inch TVs, with a maximum load weight of 150 lbs, making it an awesome choice for heavy/large TV units. With a 40 inch extension this TV wall mount gives you the ultimate flexibility and is great for viewing in larger, more open spaces. This TV mount will retract to 3 inches flush to the wall, making it a great space saving option for when you're not watching TV.

This TV mount is also a great option if you are looking for a corner placement, because of it's +/- 90 degree swivel, meaning you can extend and point your TV in almost any direction. Built with extra arms for more stability and support, this TV mount also has a 12 degree upward tilt and 5 degree downward tilt, helping you eliminate any potential screen glare in your room, no matter what time of day it is.

This TV mount offers 16/18/24 inch stud spacing and can go almost anywhere in any room. With a 5 star rating on over 800 reviews, it's tough to find a better TV mount. So, whether you're looking for a TV mount for your living room, bedroom, dining-room, or even outside, we highly recommend this TV mount to maximize your use of space and viewing experience!

  • Sturdy Construction.

  • 40" arm extension.

  • Great Weight Capacity.

  • Best for large and heavy TVs.

  • More Expensive.

  • Less discrete than a flat wall mount.

Get the 40" Long Extension TV Mount today and enjoy watching your TV from anywhere in your room!


3. Mounting Dream Full Motion TV Wall Mount

Best Full Motion

This Full Motion TV Mount has a bracket that fits most 42 - 70 inch TVs, with a maximum load weight of 100lbs. With a 24 inch long wall plate and 6 articulating arms, you know that this wall mount is built to last.

The extension on this mount ranges from 2.6" from your wall, up to 14", giving it an awesome range of motion. Combine with its tilt function of +5 degrees up, or -15 degrees down, not only can you watch your TV from anywhere, but you can avoid any incoming glare as well. This mount also offers a 45 degree horizontal swivel in either direction, and can rotate +/- 3 degrees to help you level it (in case you forgot to use your level during installation.)

This TV Mount will add to your space, letting you maximize the comfort of your viewing space. Whether you're in the kitchen making dinner, or lounging on the couch, this TV mount will swivel, tilt and extend to perfection - keeping your TV securely mounted - so you can enjoy the best angle, wherever you are.

  • Sturdy Construction - Uses articulating arms.

  • Full Motion Range + Anti-Glare Tilt.

  • Good Weight Capacity.

  • Good Range of TV Size Capabilities.

  • More Expensive.

  • Less discrete than a flat wall mount.

Get the Full Motion TV Mount today and enjoy watching your TV from anywhere in your room!


Already have a TV Mount, but needing help with installation and setup? Reach out to one of our smart home techs today, so we can help get your TV mounted without the hassle!

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